Bilha Givon, Executive Director:

After 15 years in education and instruction in the IDF and the public schools, Bilha began her career with the Society for the Protection of Nature Israel (SPNI) in education and instruction in the fields of Nature Study and Israel. Four years she was head of the Beer-Sheva Branch, seven years she coordinated Unit for Preservation of Nature and the Environment in the South, leading resistance to environmentally detrimental initiatives, such as the installation of Voice of America in the Arava, preservation of the craters and the sands of Ashdod, and construction of hotel "city" on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and Eilat, and others. For five years she was the coordinator for the same unit of the SPNI in the national Tel Aviv office and led public resistance on a national scale concerning the expansion of Ben-Gurion Airport, efforts for integrated treatment of household waste, and preservation of the beaches, Jaffa Port, Haifa Bay, etc. In addition to excursions and educational activities she has organized national conferences and training courses, participated in Knesset committee meetings, etc. Since 1998 when she founded SDN, she has for the most part dealt with pollution from chemical factories in Ramat Hovav, treatment of sewage water, establishing public forums (citizens and industry executives) with the major industries in the Negev (Brom, Makhteshim, Teva, etc.), introducing the various communities to the importance of the environment, establishing citizen-industry forums to encourage discussion of environmental issues and come to agreement regarding implementation. In the Knesset (Israeli parliament) she continues to participate in committee meetings and discussions on environmental issues. (100%)(Email:

Ronit Ivgi:

BA (Education and History of Israel), Open University; Course for Spokesmen, Ramat Gan College; past experience as coordinator and head of after-school enrichment program for under-priviledged children and coordinator for absorption programs and community events for the Hevron District Local Council in the Hevron Mountains. As coordinator for activities involving the community in environmental programs in Beer-Sheva, she organizes courses for the general public and works with the local media and professional experts. She organizes environmental empowerment courses in Tel Sheva and empowerment for Bedouin women and also coordinates meetings for and feedback from industrial forums (CAPs). (75%)
Eti Ben-Simol: MA (Education and Curriculum Development), BA (Education and Philosophy) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She is the Coordinator for the Sustainable Dimona Project, responsible for project activities and coordinates on-going programs with outside parties (municipalities, local councils, kibbutzim, etc.). Develops environmental curriculum for the schools in Dimona, while at the same time improving the school yards and teaching environmentally friendly practices and values. (67%)
Shira Chen Tzahor: Public relations, journalist and editor for the local weekly "Kol HaNegev" (Yediot Hahronot) for 10 years; she also writes articles for other Israeli weeklies as well and has been spokeswoman for Soroka Hospital (3 years). At present she also works in public relations for the Beer-Sheva Theater and the Israeli Symphonetta, Beer-Sheva, as well as others. (consultant)
Shlomit (Yovel) Kurem:

MA (Geology), Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; Educational Projects Coordinator in Environmental Sciences. Also she is an instructor for the SPNI , specializing in biotopes and acotopes, She began to work for SDN in Dec. 2007 mostly for the Sustainable Dimona project and in Bedouin communities.

Ronen Hiert:

MA (Geography), University of Tel Aviv; BA (Practical Geography and Environmental Development), Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; he began to work for SDN in January, 2008, preparing proposals and work programs for environmental surveys in recycling projects in Beer-Sheva, Omer and Dimona; participates professionally in programs within Bedouin villages (Hura, Kesifa and Tel Sheva), as well as in river drainage projects; involved in strategic planning implementation for sustainable development in Dimona and other localities. (75%)
Adiv Abu-Sirchan:

BA (Public Policy), Sapir College; he began to work for SDN in Dec. 2007, as coordinator for projects in Hura and Kesifa and is experienced in teaching children in the Bedouin sector. These projects aim to expose the Bedouin community to environmental issues and increase their awareness to the environment; he also coordinates courses for adults and maintains contacts with municipal and educational institutions, etc. (75%)

Hana haziz:

Project maneger for "Eshel Hanasi Project" - a center for enviromental activity .
She has worked as a manejer of the community center in the city of Arad.
lives in Meytar close to city of Beer-Sheva.
Brurya Cohen: SDN secretary. Worked for 8 years at the Society for the Protection of Nature Israel (SPNI).
lives at the city of Beer-Sheva.

Board of Directors includes professionals in fields relevant to the environment – architecture, education, medicine, chemistry, industrial development, natural sciences and others, artists working with materials from nature, etc. (partial list)
Dr. Shulamit Tamari: Environmental Education, Ben-Gurion University, Sapir College, Mendel Center.
Prof. Yitzak Meir: Desert Architect, Head, Department of Desert Architecture, Desert Research Center, Ben-Gurion University, Sde Boker.
Avi Dalomi: Professional Facilitator
Matiteahu Kones: Environmental Architect
Ora Levin: Education, degrees in Chemistry and Physics, former high school principal
Dr. Orit Ben-Tzvi Asraf: Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies
Prof. Charles Howard: Orthopedist, Soroka Medical Center, Beer-Sheva.
Dr. Makhmud El-Nabari: Degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Chairman of Local Council, Hura
Yigal Folkman: Expert in industrial waste, Desert Research Center, Ben-Gurion University, Sde Boker
Dr. Tzur Galin: Director, Environmental Unit, Ramat Hovav Local Council

For more information:
Israel: Tel: 08-6909204/5; Fax: 08-6469247

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