Membership Application

 Please print out and send completed form and membership fee to:

Address: 4 Dafna Street, Omer, 84965, Israel

Phone: 972-8-6909204/5,     Fax: 972-8- 6469247

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Email: _______________________________________________________

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I hereby certify that I wish to become a member of Sustainable Development for the Negev and I understand its goals, mission and by-laws. As a member, I will be committed to carry-out the instructions of the regulations and the decisions of the general committee and I will avoid activities that represent a conflict between my activities and that of the organization and will inform the Board of Directors immediately of any conflict that may arise.

I have enclosed my check or money for 100 NIS made payable to Sustainable Development for the Negev.

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עמותת נגב בר קיימא
"נגב בר-קיימא" היא עמותה רשומה, שהוקמה בשנת 1998 מתוך הצורך בגיבוש עקרונות לתכנון ולפיתוח בר-קיימא בנגב ויישומם, דרך השפעה על מקבלי ההחלטות והציבור כולו.
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