Green Preschools

"Green" Preschools in Dimona
"Sna'i" Preschool in Dimona decides to be Green. "Sna'i" Preschool joins the "Green Preschool" Project which is being implemented by Sustainable Development in the Negev (SDN) in Dimona, as part of the overall "Sustainable Development, Dimona" Project being carried out throughout the city. In the preschool yard, the preschool children planted bulbs, which they will care for and water daily.
Within the framework of the "Sustainable Development, Dimona" Project, 43 kits were distributed by SDN to preschool teachers, which included information for turning their preschools into "Green Preschools". Among the first to agree was Leah Gabai, teacher of "Sna'i" Preschool, in the Nave-Harush Neighborhood. The program "Green Preschools" is designed to involve the children in environmental activities and thus, develop meaningful and lasting appreciation for and knowledge about their environment. During a meeting with Eti Ben-Simol, SDN coordinator for Project Dimona, it was decided to implement environmental regulations and turn the preschool into a "Green Preschool". The beginning of the project was a special activity day. SDN donated the basic gardening equipment: plants, compost and tools. The children were requested to bring from home large plastic containers, such as large bottles from soft drinks and fabric softener. The bottles were cut and made into pots for plants and watering cans for the new plants. The children chose the bulb they wanted to plant: Rakefet (cyclamen), daffodil, poppy, etc. and planted them in their own plastic pot. Every child could take care of "his bulb" daily and was able to see how it grew. At the end of the day the teacher read the children the story of "Hanan the Gardener" by Rina Hofer. Tami Azulai, Coordinator for Preschools, Municipal Dept. of Education, Dimona, also attended and spoke of her impression of the activity.
The children and the teacher both enjoyed the joint activity and working in the garden. As a result of the program's success, a number of other preschool teachers and supervisors have made contact with SDN and requested guidance in implementing the program. Eti Ben-Simol, SDN coordinator for "Sustainable Development – Dimona" says it is known that children during their preschool years are at the most impressionable stage their lives for acquiring an appreciation and awareness for nature and their surroundings. This will enable them to become citizens with awareness and responsibility for their environs. Thus the importance of this program for young children is significant in teaching environmental values, awareness and most important, responsibility and will prepare them for the future.
SDN Executive Director, Bilha Givon: The "Sustainable Development, Dimona" Project has been implemented since 2005 and the full participation and enthusiasm of the Dimona Municipality increases day by day. We see before our own eyes a complete transformation of Dimona in all aspects of environmental quality and sustainability. The most meaningful age for inculcating and influencing value systems and appreciation for the environment and conservation begins at the earliest stages – in preschool – and we are pleased that a new generation is growing up in Dimona, that as a result of this joint effort, will learn to love nature and have a lasting sense of responsibility for the environment in which they live.
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"נגב בר-קיימא" היא עמותה רשומה, שהוקמה בשנת 1998 מתוך הצורך בגיבוש עקרונות לתכנון ולפיתוח בר-קיימא בנגב ויישומם, דרך השפעה על מקבלי ההחלטות והציבור כולו.
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