Environmental Youth Movement

Co-Existing with the Environment
The Negev, which encompasses 64% of the land in Israel, is a common stage for life for all its citizens and without a healthy environment no one may exist. Soil, air and water are the base of existence for the entire population. The Bedouin community, which constitutes 25% of the population, has suffered from neglect and discrimination and the transition to the sedentary lifestyle has presented the community with cultural, social, economic and environmental challenges. But the environmental problems are not unique to the Bedouin communities and all Israeli youth have to learn to work together and take responsibility of the environment and of each other.

Since the 1960’s, the youth movement in Israel has lost its power and effectiveness and any remaining movements tend to be politically motivated. The proposed program will revitalize the movement and will instill environmental stewardship and co-existence tools in the Bedouin and Jewish communities. The youth has the power to make a difference and holds the key for the future. Without change, open communications, common activities, and understanding each other’s needs, a sustainable life cannot be achieved. The co-existing project will teach the youth about the desert landscape and give them the tools to deal with its environment threats while creating a common way of life that considers and reserves natural resources for the future.

While working towards a single goal of environmental improvement, the two diverse communities can obtain a greater understanding of each other’s needs and culture. The project will teach the youth to take joint responsibility for their world through creating core activities in each settlement. The movement will produce workshops to train guides and group leaders and will build plans for appropriate children activities.
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עמותת נגב בר קיימא
"נגב בר-קיימא" היא עמותה רשומה, שהוקמה בשנת 1998 מתוך הצורך בגיבוש עקרונות לתכנון ולפיתוח בר-קיימא בנגב ויישומם, דרך השפעה על מקבלי ההחלטות והציבור כולו.
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