Sustainable Development for the Negev Organization Profile

Mission Statement:
To  initiate, support and help the public in implementing activities to prevent environmental damage, rehabilitate damaged areas, and work to preserve the environment through education and discussion/negotiation between all relevant parties, including residents, local authorities and industry; to develop sound economic ventures and at the same time preserve our natural resources and environment.
SDNs objectives emanate from Agenda 21, the document of values for an increase in environmental awareness, adopted at the Earth Summit Conference in 1992.
Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors includes professionals in fields relevant to the environment – architecture, education, medicine, chemistry, industrial development, natural sciences and others, artists working with materials from nature, etc.
Dr. Shlomit Tamari:  Environmental Education, Research, Training, Ben-Gurion University, Sapir College.
Prof. Yitzak Meir: Desert Architect, Head, Department of Desert Architecture, Desert Research Center, Ben-Gurion University, Sde Boker.
Avi Dalomi: Professional Facilitator
Matiteahu Kones: Environmental Architect
Ora Levin: Education, degrees in Chemistry and Physics, former high school principal, Director of the community television in Be'er Sheva
Prof. Charles Howard: Orthopedist, Soroka Medical Center, Beer-Sheva.
Dr. Makhmud El-Nabari: Degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Chairman of Local Council, Hura
Dudik Shushani: retiree
Dr. Baruch Shatel: Environmental consultant
Dr. Tzur Galin: Director, Environmental Unit, Ramat Hovav Local Council
Irit Shahar: accountant
Dov Greendinger: Machteshim Factory employee
Executive Director
The executive director provides management oversight and leadership to SDN and directs the implementation of all programs, activities, and projects of SDN. In addition, the executive director keeps in close contact with its partners.
A Brief History:
Negev Bar-Kayma - called “Sustainable Development for the Negev” (SDN) in English, strives to increase environmental awareness and protection of the Negev region (the southern part of Israel), encourage public participation in decisions affecting development in the region, and be a catalyst for sustainable development. SDN is partners with the public to change the outlook of the government regarding future development of the Negev. The challenge is to integrate intelligent use and preservation of natural resources with development of a suitable quality of life. SDN, an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO) is uniquely suited to achieve these goals. Its director Bilha Givon has a reputation for successful environmental activism after almost 30 years in the field and was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Environmental Protection". SDN's small, but effective staff has established an admirable track record and network of contacts among a broad spectrum of professionals both within Israel and internationally, and has recently been awarded the "Speaker of the Knesset" prize for 2009.
Main Projects
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Eshel HaNasi Partnership for Environmental Education
  • Community Action Panels for Industrial Environmental Responsibility
  • Environmental Responsibility within the Bedouin Community
1998: Sustainable Development for the Negev is established
1999: Formation of Executive Board
1999: Conference about the activities of SDN
2000: Created development plan for the old city of Be'er Sheva
2000: Campaign against building train tracks near ancient ruins; provided alternative
2000: Began project to treat the sewage of IDF bases in the Negev
2000: Prevented the establishment of a waste site near the national park of Beit Guvrin
2000: Survey of Bedouin communities; raising environmental awareness in Hura
2000: Began work on sustainability in Mitzpeh Ramon
2000: Campaign to preserve the Bay of Eilat
2001: Opposition to National Master Plan 35 regarding Building and Construction Regulations
2001: Preserving sections of the Building and Planning Law regarding the rights of the public
2001: Law proposal for privatizing the treatment of solid waste
2002: Work with Ramat Hovav to establish Community Action Panels
2002: Follow up on campaign to prevent the construction of an airport near Ein Avrona
2003: First Community Action Panel (CAP) with Bromine Industries
2003: Environmental Protection Award for Outstanding Volunteers
2004: Ramat Hovav Industrial Local Authority joins the CAP Program
2004: Machteshim Ramat Hovav joins the CAP Program
2004: Machteshim Be'er Sheva joins the CAP Program
2005: Sustainable Cities Project in Dimona begins
2005: Dead Sea Works joins the CAP Program
2005: Environmental Services and Ecosol join the CAP Program
2005: Teva joins the CAP Program.
2005: working with Dimona municipality for sustainable city.
2006: First Environmental Responsibility Project with Tel Sheva
2006: European Responsible Care Award
2006: Israel Transparency Protection Award
2006: Ganei Hadas – National Landfill joins the CAP Program
2007: Partnership with Eshel HaNasi – tours for students + art project of recycled materials
2007: Segev Shalom joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2007: Chemagis joins the CAP Program
2007: Hura joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2007: Forbes Environmental Activism Award
2008: Kseife joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2008: Bilha Givon- received Lifetime Achievement Award
2008: In Dimona we began an Educational Plan with all the educational institutes.
2008: Establishing an reword for outstanding achievement and unusual activities for improving and promoting the Negev's environment.
2009: Kiriat Gat and Kiriat Malachi join the Sustainable Cities Project.
2009: Rahat joins the Environmental Responsibility Program.
2009: Beer Sheva, a program with the municipality for 22 schools toward separation   reducing and recycling waste.  
2009: Green Globes Award for Sustainable Dimona
2009: Speaker of the Knesset Prize for Quality of Life
2010: Ofakim joins the Sustainable Cities Project
2010: Umm Batin joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2010: Rotem Ampart and Periclas join the CAP Project
2010: Arara BaNegev joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2011: Lakiya joins the Environmental Responsibility Program
2011: Life to the river- Hevron - Beer sheva cleaning the pollutions
Major Results of SDN Activities
  • Less Polluting Industrial Area
  • Mutual Trust Between Community and Industry
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Sustainable Planning and Development
  • Environmental Topics Integrated into ALL Aspects of Education in Dimona
  • Increased Recycling/Reuse of Materials
  • Cleaner Communities  
SDN Staff
Bilha Givon, Executive Director: After 15 years in education and instruction in the IDF and the public schools, Bilha began her career in Environment with the Society for the Protection of Nature Israel (SPNI) in education and instruction in the fields of Nature Study and Israel. Four years she was head of the Beer-Sheva Branch, seven years she coordinated for Preservation of Nature and the Environment in the South, leading resistance to environmentally detrimental initiatives, such as the Voice of America in the Arava valley, preservation of the craters and the sand dunes of Ashdod, and constructions at the coast line of the Mediterranean Sea and Eilat, and others. For five years she was the coordinator for the same unit of the SPNI in the national Tel Aviv office and led public campaigns on a national scale concerning the expansion of Ben-Gurion Airport, efforts for integrated treatment of household waste, Jaffa Port, Haifa Bay, etc. In addition to excursions and educational activities she has organized national conferences and training courses, participated in Knesset committee meetings, etc. Since 1998 when she founded SDN, she has for the most part dealt with pollution from chemical factories in Ramat Hovav, treatment of sewage water, and air pollutions establishing public forums (citizens and industry executives) with the major industries in the Negev (Brom, Makhteshim, Teva, etc.), introducing the various communities to the importance of the environment, establishing citizen-industry forums to encourage discussion of environmental issues and come to agreement regarding implementation.
In 2008 Bilha was one of twelve winners of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for Environmental Protection by the Ministry of the Environment. The award was granted within the framework of Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations.
Eti Ben-Simol: Eti has both an MA in Education and Curriculum Development and a BA in Education and Philosophy. She is the Coordinator for the Sustainable Dimona Project, responsible for project activities and coordinates on-going programs with outside parties (municipalities, local councils, kibbutzim, etc.). Eti develops environmental curriculums for the schools in Dimona, while at the same time improving the school yards and teaching environmentally friendly practices and values.
Ronen Hiert: Ronen has an MA in Geography and a BA in Practical Geography and Environmental Development. He began to work for SDN in January 2008, preparing proposals and work programs for environmental surveys for recycling projects in Beer-Sheva, Omer and Dimona. Ronen participates in programs within Bedouin villages (Hura, Kesifa and Tel Sheva), as well as in river drainage projects, and is also involved in strategic planning implementation for sustainable development in Dimona and other localities.
Tomer Kahana - began to work for SDN in 2010 as the coordinator for projects in the Bedouins sector , and in Kirat Gat and Kirait Malachi in community work and education. To increase their awareness with municipal and educational institutions, etc.  
Rotem Shahar:Rotem has both a BS and an MS in Soil and Water Science. She has experience in both teaching, and water engineering. Rotem began working at SDN in January is currently working on reformatting the website, updating and expanding the website in English, and also working on fundraising. She is also coordinating the project to restore the Hebron-Be'er Sheva-Besor River Basin.
Hana Haziz:  Project manager for the "Eshel Hanasi Project" at the Eshel HaNasi school mentioned in the key accomplishments section. She also worked as the manager of the community center in the city of Arad.
Nati Musari:Nati functions as our tour guide for groups that are interested in environmentally geared tours of the Negev. He is also the coordinator of the sustainable city project in Ofakim.
Nitza Ron:Before Nitza's secretarial position at SDN, she worked as a secretary at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
SDN Address:
Sustainable Development for the Negev
Dafna 4
Omer 84965
Office Phone: 972-8-6909204/5
Fax: 972-8-6469247
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